2021 Fun Fest Art Show

July 11 – August 16, 2021


  • First Place - $400
  • Second Place - $200
  • Third Place - $100
  • 4 Honorable Mention Awards - $50 each

Judges: Katie Edwards and Anna Buchanan - See their statements at the bottom of this page.


  • You must be 16 years of age or older to enter.
  • Artwork must be original and completed in the past two years. (Artwork completed prior to 2019 is not allowed)
  • Artwork previously displayed in any Kingsport Art Guild related show (Members Show, Fun Fest, or previous Appalachian Art Show) is not
  • All artwork must be the artist's own composition and design, and not from a pattern or class.
  • Artwork must be an original composition and may not be a be literal copy of a photo not taken by the artist.
  • Any source material used must be the property of the artist or from sources that legally release images for public use granting permission for use through the Creative Common License. Source materials from: Pixabay and Unsplash, and Pexels, amongst others are allowed.
  • Exclusions: The following artwork is specifically excluded and will not be accepted for this show:
  • Artwork produced in a class or under the direction of another artist.
  • Photography, photo etchings, and prints reproduced by photographic processes.
  • Computer generated artwork.
  • Artwork using glass,
  • Artwork that exceeds size restrictions as outlined below.
  • Artwork which is dangerous or offensive.




Please read carefully and measure your artwork. Artwork not meeting these criteria will not be accepted or judged.

2-D Artwork

  • Any traditional medium including, but not limited to: Oil, Watercolor, Acrylic, Pastel, Pencil, Charcoal, Egg Tempera, Mixed, Collage, Ink, and Prints by traditional methods (lithography, serigraphy, etching, etc.) will be allowed to enter.
  • Dimensions of artwork must NOT exceed 52 inches high or 52 inches wide or 3 inches deep including the frame.
  • Paint and other materials must be dry.
  • Presentation:
  • Artwork must either be framed or gallery wrapped and conform to the following guidelines:
  • Framed artwork must utilize a sturdy frame (No uniframes will be accepted.) and artwork must be adequately secured within the frame.
  • Gallery wrap canvas will be accepted ONLY if: a) the sides are at least 1.5 inches in depth or larger, b) the sides are completely painted, and c) no staples are visible.
  • Artwork must have a sturdy and properly placed wire for hanging. Saw tooth hangers, clip hangers will NOT be accepted.
  • Artwork needing to be protected, such as watercolor, should be protected using Plexiglass. GLASS will be accepted at the artist's own risk.
  • Artwork may not exceed 25lbs total weight inclusive of framing, painting, protective cover, etc.

3-D Artwork

  • Hanging 3-D Artwork:
  • Must NOT exceed 52 inches high or 52 inches wide or 4 inches deep and must not exceed 25 pounds.
  • Must have a sturdy and properly placed wire (or wires) for hanging.
  • 3-D artwork which cannot be secured to the wall will not be accepted.
  • Due to Gallery restrictions, we cannot accept free standing 3D artwork at this time.

The judgement of the Show’s chair regarding suitability, such as whether the artwork is offensive, dangerous or non-compliant, is binding and the chair will remove such items before submission to the juror.



  • When: Thursday, July 8, 2021 between 3-7PM.
  • Where: Renaissance Arts Center & Theater Building / 1200 E. Center Street, Kingsport, TN / Main Gallery - 2nd Floor

Note: The artist is expected to deliver the artwork on their entry form. No substitutions or title changes will be accepted after the close of registration or at check-in.


  • All artwork must be picked up from the Main Gallery of the Renaissance Arts Center on Monday, August 16th between 3:00 and 7:00 pm.

The Kingsport Art Guild, The Renaissance Arts Center and Theater, and all associated sponsors are not responsible for artwork entries not picked up on the pickup date of August 16, 2021. Artwork not picked up 14 days after the closing will become the property of the Kingsport Art Guild.


Sales are encouraged. All sales are subject to a 15% commission for Kingsport Art Guild Members and 30% commission for non-Kingsport Art Guild members.


Artists may enter one or two pieces of artwork. (Diptychs will be treated as two works of art.)

The non-refundable entry fee is $20 for one entry and $30 for 2 entries. Reduced fees for students are $10 for 1 entry and $15 for 2 entries. Fees will not be refunded if your submission fails to meet eligibility, presentation, size or entry requirements or if the juror does not choose your artwork to be displayed in the show.

To enter, complete the online entry form below. (All entries and fees must be submitted electronically.) A checklist with instructions appears below for the artists convenience.


  1. Fill out the ONLINE ENTRY FORM below and click submit. DEADLINE is Friday, July 2, 2021.


  1. Provide complete address including street address, town, state, and zip code!
  2. Carefully review spelling, etc. Your entry, including your name, title, medium and price will be spelled as submitted!
  3. Complete your ONLINE PAYMENT for one or two entries. Link is below and you do not have to be a PayPal member to use the link.

Please make sure you have submitted BOTH the entry form and the payment. These are separate actions! If name on the payment and the entry differ please inform the chair by email (jenniferphipps@kingsporttn.gov)

  1. Create your own identification card. Include title, artist, medium, price, a phone contact and an email contact. Print legibly or type your card.
  2. Secure the Identification Card to the upper left-hand back of artwork.

Artwork must have an identification card securely attached to the back in the upper left-hand corner when submitted.


By completing the online entry form, the artist agrees to abide by the Release & Indemnity Agreement.

RELEASE & INDEMNITY AGREEMENT: The exhibitor the 2021 Fun Fest Art Show sponsored by the Kingsport Art Guild and the Office of Cultural Arts for and in consideration of the permission and privilege granted to the exhibitor to store and display said works of art in the Renaissance Arts Center July 8 – August 16, 2021, hereby releases the Kingsport Art Guild, associated sponsors, the Renaissance Arts Center and Theater, Office of Cultural Arts, and the City of Kingsport, Tennessee from any and all claims for damages to or loss of any said works so exhibited or stored, whether such damage or loss results from theft, acts of vandalism, or any other cause.

For the same consideration, the exhibitor covenants and agrees to hold the Renaissance Arts Center and Theater, Office of Cultural Arts, and the City of Kingsport, Tennessee, its employees, agents, and the Kingsport Art Guild harmless from any claim for loss or damage to such artwork exhibited by the exhibitor, which are asserted by any persons other than the exhibitor, including without limitation the owners of such works exhibited, which grow out or arise during the exhibit (during display or storage) of such works by the exhibitor.

Permission is granted to photograph entered artwork for publicity purposes and historic record.​


Art Submission Form

Judge’s Statement, Katie Edwards, 2020

Katie Edwards, Curator of Fine and Decorative Art at William King Museum of Art, is originally from King, North Carolina, but has lived in Kingsport for many years. She studied Art History and Museum Management at Salem College before pursuing her Masters Degree in Curating at the Courtauld Institute of Art in London. While living in London, Edwards interned with the National Portrait Gallery as a curatorial assistant, curated a virtual exhibition of Dutch and Flemish paintings with a small team at the National Gallery, and was co-curator of an exhibition at Somerset House - one of London’s top art destinations. Also during that time, Edwards’ own artwork was featured on BBC when she digitally painted a portrait of actor Stephen Mangan.

Edwards has previously worked in two galleries in Kingsport and has had her work shown in several galleries in Tennessee and North Carolina. In 2017, she completed her first cover for local author David Oaks’ Force in the Mountains, and was recently published as an illustrator for her first children’s book, D is for Darcy: Not Dyslexia, in November. Her current artistic obsessions include comic and narrative artwork, digital landscape design for virtual environments, and animation. Her art historical background includes pre-Columbian iconography, British landscape architecture, and medieval stained glass, while her curatorial research spans animation, British portraiture, and contemporary British artists. Since starting at William King, her research has covered topics from the history of fashion and Art Nouveau, to the regional craft traditions of Northeast Tennessee and ephemeral objects surrounding birth and death.

Her love for the region is at the heart of everything she does and she knew that she wanted to return to the region after her degree to serve the community through art. From galleries to her job at William King, Appalachian culture has permeated her arts experience. Edwards enjoys seeing artists use material and subject matter in an unexpected way.

Judge’s Statement                              Anna Buchanan

Annamarie Buchanan is the Curator of Contemporary Fine Art and Craft at William King Museum of Art in Abingdon, Virginia. Originally from Midland, Michigan, Buchanan received her MFA from Clemson University in 2019 with an emphasis in drawing. Buchanan is a visual artist that uses drawing and mixed media to explore empathic and spatial relationships with the abject body, particularly bodies that present as feminine.

She realized the need to spark conversation about such social injustices after being a house manager for a women’s resource center. After that, Buchanan began working closely with local women’s aid shelters. The cathartic process that art has to offer is present in the process of Buchanan’s work and she hopes to bring that catharsis to others.

She realized a need to revamp art programs in her community in 2016, and—with the support of faculty members--developed an arts outreach organization called Arts2Grow on her college campus. Arts2Grow reached out to local Girl Scout Troops, Masonic Homes and partnered with the Alma Community Arts Center.

Through art and activism, Buchanan hopes to get people thinking about the ways they themselves can make an impact in their own communities. Her work has been in several publications including See Spot Run, Pine River Anthology, LUMINA and Paper Darts. She has also exhibited her work at Kai Lin Gallery, Fe Gallery, Art Fields, Flora Kirsch Beck Gallery and Clemson University.

Buchanan has fallen in love with Appalachia; the appreciation that Appalachia has for the arts is ever present and flourishes in a way that Buchanan has never known. As a northern transplant, she hopes to continue her arts outreach efforts by educating others through her curatorial practice.